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Andrew Netschay
Andrew Netschay


Andrew Netschay's experience spans more than 24 years of intense training and research, culminating into his creation of the >confront< self defense program, a complete system that teaches real skills - verbal, emotional, psychological and physical - that will save your life, especially when you're outgunned in the street.

This street combat system complements your current training regimen; allowing you to train in your martial art of choice and learn to be lethal in the street.

This progressive company has helped people enjoy the freedom of feeling safe in their communities by arming them with emotional, psychological and physical tools. >confront< provides both private and corporate seminars that focus on the realities of confrontation, and conflict resolution.

Andrew Netschay is currently featured in the best selling books: The Action Hero's Handbook and The Action Heroine's Handbook; both written by David Borgenicht.

Andrew has produced the three-part television series Street Defense: Empowerment Strategies, and is regularly featured in articles and books related to negotiation and confrontation.

His experience as an educator, working with law enforcement officers, athletes and executives across the globe has placed him in high demand as a guide to managing confrontation, empowerment and safety.

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