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Charley Hogwood
Charley Hogwood


Charley is Chief Instructor on emergency preparedness and disaster readiness and author of the leading resource on how to build a survival group, titled “How to Plan, Organize and Lead People for Short or Long Term Survival” (Formerly titled MAGS: The People Part of Prepping).

Charley served over 15 years in both the U.S. Army and the Florida National Guard with his survival and leadership experience being tested on several continents and in many natural disasters, including a stint as Lead Scout for the 11th Cav (U.S. Army) where he spent years deployed in Europe honing his skills in reconnaissance, first aid and humanitarian missions.

Most notable though was his deployment following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster where he was sent to monitor the radiation dispersal over much of the fresh food system of Eastern and Western Europe.

In addition, he was charged with border security operations including planning and participating in patrolling and security operations, rapid reaction deployment and security of several international incidents.

All of this led to further survival skill development in radiation detection and chemical warfare among many other tactical and leadership skills.

After returning to the United States, Charlie was in one of the first units to be deployed to the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, providing relief support for citizens in the way of basic human needs… local security measures to prevent looting… and serving as a liaison to local law enforcement to maintain order in a time of chaos and disarray.

In addition, Charley has provided security for both foreign dignitaries and government officials and today he continues fortify his skills in disaster and family emergency preparedness and train others in how to survive any crisis, disaster or collapse.

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