Jeffrey Anderson


As President of the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants, Jeff Anderson is also a Master Close Combat Instructor and decorated combat veteran of the US Military. As a lifelong student of traditional martial arts, it was his military training that led Jeff to seek out no-nonsense self defense strategies that would work not only on the battlefield...but on the street!

Jeff Anderson is a lifelong martial artist and "close combat" practitioner who started training at the age of 13 when he became addicted to Saturday morning "kung fu theater".
His training and unquenchable thirst for knowledge in the combative arts have led him to several styles, ranking in many "traditional" martial arts, including:

  • Pangai Noon Kung Fu
  • Tang Soo Do
  • Shotokan Karate
  • Ninjutsu
  • San Soo Kung Fu
  • American Boxing
  • And individual training in various "reality based" combative arts
  • Jeff has always sought out the most effective self defense tactics from any style he could train in in order to costantly improve his defensive skills. His first test of his training was his enrollment in the famed "Guardian Angels", patrolling city neighborhoods for the safety of its citizens. This exposure brought experience in dealing with not only physical conflict, but also an understanding of the body's adrenal response to conflict...something that was often missing from his structured self defense education.

    In the military, anywhere Jeff was stationed, he immediately sought out the nearest self defense courses in line with his search for practical close combat strategies. Oftentimes, in areas where these types of classes were non-existent, learning simply came in the form of private training sessions with buddies in the barracks or "coming to the aid" of buddies in bar fights.

    After 10 years of military training in elite infantry units around the world, Jeff began working as a security consultant and executive protection specialist for private clients and the entertainment industry, eventually earning his industry recognized Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation.

    In the classes and seminars Jeff began to instruct, Jeff's training philosphy and goals have always boiled down to one thing...practicality! If a technique won't work against a larger, stronger attacker (or attackers), it has no use in his arsenal!

    International Society of Close Quarter Combatants
    In line with this philosophy and intent on advancing the concept of "reality based martial arts" throughout the world, in 2005, Jeff created the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants, a member-based organization solely focused on promoting instructors and training designed to help martial artists, law enforcement, government agencies, military, and citizens interested in self defense, develop the skills necessary to survive a violent street attack!

    If you want to train for a REAL street attack, you must USE real attacks as your learning tool! Jeff Anderson's "Real Fights - Real Defense" training uses real street fights caught on tape as a basis for developing not only the physical skills necessary to survive "worst case" scenarios, but also the "intestinal fortitude" to deal with a level of violence completely unknown to the average person! Begin your training now at !