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The #1 Challenge (And SOLUTION!) To Mastering Your Personal Defense Handgun

A lot of gun owners are overconfident in their abilities. But a paper target isn’t the same as some street thug ambushing you without warning as you’re putting groceries in the car. To prepare for THIS challenge, you’ve got to train in a way that’s safe… but that’s still going to give you a realistic sense of what it really takes to defend yourself in the chaos of a violent attack.

MCS 250 – Survival Gas Masks

The gas mask has to be the WORST icon possible, because it’s symbolic of whackjob, paranoid “preppers” in popular media. Gas masks, however, really CAN save your life and your family’s lives… IF you buy the right one. Otherwise, the gas mask itself could get you killed! We interview expert Roman Zrazhevskiy to get the low-down on what to buy.

My 3 Best Tips For Facing The Courtroom After A Self-Defense Shooting

In theory, most of us would because it makes sense that you’re better off shooting someone and being “wrong” than NOT shooting and being dead, right? But in reality, thinking like that could ruin your life and leave your family bankrupt. Here are three tips for surviving the battle in the courtroom AFTER you survive the gunfight on the street.

3 Urban Survival Myths (And The Truth About How To Survive In A Collapse!)

The going thinking seems to be that the ONLY way to survive is to flee the city. You’re supposed to run, like a dog with its tail between its legs, and hide out in the woods until things get back to normal. This is really dated thinking that ignores history. To get to the bottom of this, we’ve got to dispel some of the myths about urban survival in a collapse.