Nathan Seabrook

Nathan Seabrook


Nathan Seabrook is an internationally-recognized expert on high-threat protection in hostile and semi-permissive environments.

As a combat veteran of the US Army and the former Director of Operations for The Academy For High Threat Protective Studies, Nathan has over 12 years, boots-on-the-ground experience working in various hot-zones like Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Central America.

Some of Nathan's certifications include advanced tactical carbine, tactical pistol, submachine gun, as well as various foreign weapons platforms.

Nathan is a certified H&K armorer for the G36, G-3 and MP5 weapon platforms and is also a certified M4 armorer.

Additional courses include counter-terrorism tactics, tactical medical field craft and high threat protection operations.

His wide-range of tactical mastery, as well as his common sense approach in conducting realistic training, has made him a valuable resource and expert in high threat protection operations, consulting, and course development.

Nathan's latest book, “Infidels in the Garden of Mesopotamia” started out as his own personal “journal-to-survive” - drawing life-saving lessons from his and others’ successes, mistakes and sometimes their deaths.

But Nathan soon realized that this personal “combat diary” had a much more valuable purpose as a life—or-death resource for other contractors and military who are looking to fast-track their tactical abilities and make it through to the next day.

Nathan is currently deployed overseas on a long-term assignment.

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