“Escape And Evasion” Tactics Every Prepper Should Know!

Urban Survival Escape And Evasion Training

It’s true that many survival events that happen will give you at least some warning, allowing you to prepare yourself and your family.

But then there are those “other” events that can sometimes come in a split second like power outages… demonstrations gone bad… or post-disaster looting and anarchy.

When these happen, it puts you and your loved ones in serious danger and your sole mission at this point is to:

  • Escape the danger as quickly as possible; and
  • Evade the fleeing or rampaging masses until you can get to safe zone

While many more people are taking their preparedness more seriously, few ever plan for an “escape & evasion” scenario that ensures they can get home safely.

For this you need a plan, and here are…

Urban Survival Escape And Evasion Tips Every Prepper Should Know

Urban Survival Escape And Evasion Training

Everyone Is Your “Enemy”!

I know that sounds weird, but in chaotic events, people go into “panic mode” and can cause you harm.

Much like how a drowning victim can pull you down with them, desperate citizens or spooked police can mistake you as a threat – so stay clear of everyone as much as possible.

Think “Battlefield Movement”!

On the battlefield, you never want to expose yourself for too long and instead, quickly go from cover to cover where you’re protected.

Likewise, when escaping chaos, make sure you can see your next safe-spot before you go running out into the turmoil to get stampeded or targeted.

Have The Right “Escape & Evasion” Gear!

These are the items that you can use to protect yourself from attack as well as travel undetected through an area.

You may even have to quickly disguise yourself to avoid detection if you’re being targeted or tracked down by predators or even authorities.

In our free survival gear secrets report, we talk about how these items you should carry with you can help you survive a violent event and navigate your way to safety quickly.

Things like a “covert handcuff key” in case you were illegally bound and held hostage (or detained)… personal weapons to protect yourself… and others.

Please don’t take this type of equipment lightly.

From my perspective, it’s a critical component of any survival plan and I’ve found a way to carry all this gear without even noticing it.

It’s not heavy or bulky and no one will even know you’re carrying it – especially you.

Check out our free survival gear guide now and customize your “every day carry” gear now – before an instant disaster strikes.

What Other Urban Survival “Escape And Evasion” Tactics Do You Recommend People Prepare For?

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