Sneaky Ways To Hide Your Survival Food During Collapse!

Secret Hiding Spots For Your Survival Food

I know you don’t want to be the “bad guy”…

But when it comes to the very survival of you and your family during a time when food is scarce, you gotta look after your own first, right?

It could be during an extended grid-down blackout where your neighbors have nothing but spoiled garbage… a pandemic collapse where the gov’t invokes their “3-month in-house quarantine” response… or even a period of martial law lock-down following protests and riots that shuts off your town’s food supply.

I’m sure by now you’ve at least started stockpiling an emergency food supply, but during a crisis, that “smart stockpile” can quickly make you a target to those who haven’t prepared like you have, so…

Here’s How To Hide Your Survival Food During Periods Of Crisis, Collapse & Martial Law

Secret Hiding Spots For Your Survival Food

1. Choose A Combo Of “Covert” & “Decoy” Food

Yes, you need 2 kinds of survival food.

For you and your family, you need to have set aside your own “covert stockpile” of real survival rations.

Forget the military MRE’s… the survival food I personally stockpile is super cheap and comes already in “covert mode” for hiding. 

But if you were discovered with ACTUAL “survival food”, it would be a dead-giveaway that you were one of the “smart ones” that prepared – and likely have OTHER supplies that people will want.

That’s why you need a decoy…

“Decoy survival food” is your standard canned and boxed goods you can get down at the local grocery that everyone around you will recognize as “normal”.

(I recommend inexpensive, bulk options like Ramen Noodles that you can get by the case.)

THIS is the food you’ll use for “strategic sharing”..

2.  Share Your Food “Strategically”

Openly handing out food to your neighbors, friends, or anyone else can make you a target.

If there’s really someone you want to help, consider putting together an anonymous “care package” and secretly dropping it off at their home.

Again, this is where your “decoy food” (like canned goods and Ramen Noodles) can help you AND your closest friends.

3. Have Several “Hiding Spots” In Your Home

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket (literally).

If neighbors, beggars, looters, police, or military enter your home – discovering your stockpile could instantly wipe you out.

Instead, keep your pantry near empty and stocked with your “sacrifice supply”, so if you’re confronted, you can simply say, “See?  I barely have any food to feed my OWN family!”

But they still may take your food which is why you need to split up the rest of your rations throughout your house.

Again, having them in “covert survival kits” makes this super easy to hide them in an attic… in a basement… under beds… or under a pile of junk in the garage.

As you can see, you can still be the “good guy” you want to be and help those close to you in a time of crisis.

But for your own family’s sake, you have to be both “smart and sneaky.”

Otherwise, that old adage of “nice guys finish last” could have a whole other meaning if your family is the one left starving because you didn’t have a “covert survival food plan.”